About Us

Dahabshiil is the largest Africa-based international money transfer business with thousands of agent locations and branches in 150 countries worldwide.

DahabPlus is powered by Dahabshiil Money Transfer, the trusted online money transfer service for sending money quickly and securely to loved ones.

It is fast and flexible solution.

Secure delivery
Everyone Love

Security is paramount and knowing your money is in safe hands is crucial. DahabPlus, powered by Dahabshiil,

uses industry-leading technology to ensure your transfers are protected by the best possible security measures. We even offer a money-back guarantee!

Flexible options

Everyone has their own preferred method for sending and receiving money, which is why we created a solution with the flexibility to suit your needs.

Trust and convenience are at the heart of our service – we want to make money transfers as simple and stress-free as possible.